Are you ready to kick-start our training? Join us for the "Tone in Twenty" April Challenge.

At GetStrong Studios we are ready to kick-start your training!

Are you in need of a kick-start to get back in gear and to feel your body-confidence flourish?  If you answered yes, then this is a program for you.

The Tone in Twenty April Challenge is the perfect way to kick-start your fitness journey or give your training program a boost.

This class will use your body weight and a towel for resistance. After a short warm-up, we focus on the legs, back, chest, and abdominals with functional training movements. Short sections of cardio are incorporated into the class. Modifications will be offered, so all levels of fitness will be able to participate.

The Tone in Twenty is a 20 minutes training program, although you can repeat it two or three times if you require more intensity.

Anyone can easily follow this program, no matter where you are on your fitness journey.

The Challenge: Train 3 times a week, have fun, stay committed, and make it to the finish line.

The class will be taught in English.

Træning tips to help you accomplish your challenge:

  • Make an appointment with yourself in your calendar to train.
  • Get support from our family and friends to help you stay committed
  • Register in our GetStrong Social Club Facebook page for Q & A, training tips, and support.

Here are the facts:

Tone in Twenty April Challenge will run the entire month of April and will be live one time a week starting Wednesday the 7 th of April from kl. 16.30 – 16.55. When you have signed up for the class you will receive the video to use for that week.

Note: you must be signed into the live class each week to receive the video for each week’s challenge.

What if you cannot attend the live class? Book the class online, and receive the 20-minute video to use when you have time.

The class will be taught in English.

How much does it cost?

The Tone in Twenty Challenge is included in our GO:GETSTONG ONLINE universe, so if you have already purchased a virtual months pass, membership, or ”periodekort then you are good to go.

Can I purchase the Tone in Twenty Challenge only?

Yes. Log in here, and make a profile for booking your classes and payment.

The price for the Tone in Twenty April Challenge is 99kr. Click here.



The GetStrong Team