Take a break. Join our lunchtime class "Stretch & DeStress. We meet virtually 3 x a week for 20 minutes.
The Stretch & De-Stress is a 20-minute class and is designed for those who are working from home and sitting at kitchen tables or other inappropriate places to work for extended periods of time.
We will work with short strength sequences, which are added to long stretches in order to mobilize specific problem areas. The focus will be especially on the neck and back, as well as targeting the hips, shoulders, arms, hands, and wrists.
You will learn breathing exercises, massage & trigger points, and other tools that you can use in your daily life to help calm you and reset your focus for the day.
Feel recharged afterward and feel the difference in your energy and your mood.
Price options:
One month/30 days of Stretch & DeStress only is 149kr.
Registration and payment via www.getstrong.dk /BOOK NU
The Stretch & De-Stress classes are included in these packages: GetStrong memberships, ”periodekort/one month pass and GO:GETSTRONG ONLINE one month pass.
The class meets Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, from kl. 11.30 – 11.50 (20 minutes).
Virtual class via zoom
Description: (taught in English)
Start date: This lunchtime class starts Tuesday the 6th of April and runs through Friday the 30th of April.  Three of these classes will be previously pre-recorded and you will be sent a link the day of the class when you are registered for the class.
You can join at any time.
Are you a group of 15 or more?  Hear about our special offer:
Contact Alison Strong at mail@getstrong.dk
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