Vi tilbyder 5 virtuel klasser om ugen i begge engelsk og dansk via zoom. Download gratis og følge med! Vi er taknemmelige for din støtte.

GetStrong Studios will offer 5 classes a week via zoom. You need to download zoom on your phone or computer.

CLASSES: Our classes will be taught in both Danish and English.

We are offering Pilates Core, Pilates Align & Refine, Body Weight Plus, Yin Flow Yoga, and our signature GetStrong Flow Yoga.

CLASS SCHEDULE: click here

PAYMENT: If you are already a member of GetStrong Studios and would like to activate your membership or clip-card to pay for classes; send me an SMS at tlf. 61601122.

Not a member and would like to donate pr. class? Send what you can via MobilePay,

GetStrong v/Alison Strong nr. 69534. Suggested donation 35 kr. – 105 kr. pr. class.

(*MobilePay; write which class you are attending with payment).

Would you like to train with us online?

What do you get; 6 virtual classes a week, and video access for home training.

The CV – 19 Months Pass costs 399 kr. and can be purchased online: via under “betaling.

Her is a sample of our Body Weight Plus class (BTW PLUS). Click here 

If you have never trained with us, hop on tonight for free. To receive your invitation;

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GetStong – Stay Strong !!!